Your Ecorite Journey

Providing your future energy, today.

Ecorite has an exceptional degree of customer satisfaction standards and we strive to ensure that your home is improved to the highest of quality. That's why for every step of your EWI installation one of our team will be by your side providing guidance and sorting out any questions or queries you may have. 
Survey & Meet with Operations Manager
We understand that your home is one of your most important assets, so when deciding upon improvements it does take time and consideration. After your initial meeting with one of our team, we will provide you with a no obligations quote within 24-48 hours for you to look at in depth. 
After your initial contact with Ecorite, we will arrange for one of our friendly experts to visit your property at a time convinient to you, to discuss your EWI options. Some initial measurements will be taken and any questions you have about your insulation solution will be answered.
Quote Accepted... Work Begins!
Insulation arrives...
Safe in Our Hands
Once the pre-installation work is complete, your property will be ready for its new insulation. Our specialist installers will arrive promptly on site and begin by attaching the insulation boarding to your property. This will be followed by several layers of the render coating, with a mesh inbetween to structure the profile. As the render is applied as a wet product, drying time will need to be allowed for. If you have any questions whilst our installers are on site, please do not hesitate to ask them anything - they will be more than happy to advise you on their current stage. 
During the installation process, your project manager will frequently liase with you to update you and if there are any delays will explain why. At Ecorite we try and adapt to all weather conditions, but please note our team may be unable to work in extreme weather. 
Upon acceptance of your Ecorite quote a meeting will be arranged to discuss the ideal start time and date. Once chosen, pre-installation work will begin on your property including:
  • Erection of scaffold
  • Removal and temp fixing of satellite dishes and downpipes
  • External fixtures will be carefully removed, to be refitted by our team once the installation is complete.
Sit back and enjoy!
Finishing Touches
Your new insulation system will significantly improve your energy usage, and in turn your energy bills. Safe in the knowledge that all of our work is insured by a 25 year guarantee, and with a comfortable and toasty home you are free to lay back and reap the benefits. Enjoy!
Once the insulation has been fully applied and is dried out, the finishing touches can be made to your new look home. Your external fixtures will be reattached, windowsills lengthened and resealed and our team will clean the ground around your property as well as the doors and windows to ensure it looks as neat and tidy as when we began. 
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